Saturday, May 8, 2010

My heart was stolen (for the 3rd time)...

eight months ago today. I know I can't believe my baby is eight months old. Seriously where does the time go? Heidi is such a joy. I might of complained about her a lot in the first few months of life. But she has really turned out to be such an easy baby. Always happy and smiling at everyone. She is mobile now getting into everything, she has two teeth (good for biting big sister), and she can sit herself up. She will eat anything, and I mean anything. Big people for is no matter for this tiny tot. She still has to be on the really expensive formula, every time I try to switch her to Good Start Soy she just pukes it right up. I hope this doesn't mean we are allergic to milk. Just check out those baby blues. They just melt my heart.

Emily just turned 8 years old. Will hopefully post pictures soon.

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Dawn said...

8 months and 8 years--two beautiful girls!