Saturday, March 20, 2010

My First Piggy Tails!

Heidi's hair is so long on top I just don't know what to do with it. It just seems to be growing and growing but the sides won't grow. Last night I put it in pig tails for the first time, and I must add she looks adorable. Now our Mimi just needs to make us a few tiny bows to put in them. Heidi just loves Sam. Here she is smiling at her Sammy Boy. I have a video of Heidi laughing at Sam, and When Emily attempts to make her laugh she just stares at her. It's pretty funny. I would put it on my blog if I knew how.
Heidi and Mimi. I just need to say what a great Mimi she is. She does so much for all of us. Yesterday she came to my house and put together Heidi's nursery. Yes I know Heidi is 6 months old and I just got her room done. That's pretty sad.

Here is a picture of three other rats. When the weather is nice the boys love to come play at our house. We have a huge pile of trees next to the pond that they love to climb on. If you can't tell last year we burned the pile a little that's why they are covered in black soot.


Dawn said...

Cute pig tails. You've got the formal shot with a pink pigs tail and this cute one, wearing pig tails she can show off all the time! Love that hair. And the three rug rats are having some serious fun in the soot, spiders, leaves, and such!

Hilary said...

Sally, she is a doll!! Precious! Loved the pics Katie took too.

Leslie said...

Love that photo of your mom and Heidi, so darn cute!!