Sunday, May 9, 2010

Birthday and Math Marathon

We have been so busy lately with dance, softball, soccer,and gymnastics I couldn't even find time to breath. Thank goodness 3 of the 4 are over with. Now just to focus on softball. In the last few weeks or I guess week we celebrated Emily's 8th birthday. Did I just say 8? Man how time flies. I can't believe it's been 8 years since hold that sweet bald baby girl. We haven't had a friend party yet because she would like to have one at the pool and it's still to cold during the first of the month, and plus no pools are opened yet. So we just celebrated with a few family members. Emily got to choose where we ate and of coarse she chose Mexican food her favorite. We had a great time just hanging out and enjoying each others company. Because I'm a slacker and didn't get a cake or anything she just had to settle of a sopapia (sorry about the spelling). But we did have the candles thanks to the hundreds Grandma Vena gave Mimi aka Becky.
The crowd watching Emily open a few gifts.

Emily got a hyper color shirt from my mom. I can't believe the things I use to wear are coming back into style. Come on the 80's and 90's fashion wasn't really that great. I mean it was fun but I just laugh at the things we use to wear.

Sammy boy is so cute he just puts a smile on my face all the time.

Emily is pretty cheesy sometimes.

Two blogs in one. Emily was chosen to be apart of a Math Marathon at her school. 12 students were picked out of the 2nd grade ruffly 70 kids. They have two rounds a speed and accuracy round. Poor Emily really isn't to speed at anything she does, but she did really well, she more than like would have won if she just could have hit that buzzer just a little faster. The accuracy round was a piece of cake for her. Over all she came in 3rd place. You can just say I am one proud mama.
This is Em during the accuracy round. You had to show your work and hold it up for the judges to see, and it had to be legible.

Getting ready to start the Marathon.

These are Emily's classmates the were also in the Maraton.

All the 2nd graders that competed.

My little math wiz.
Good thing everyone in the Math Marathon received and metal and trophy.

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