Friday, December 4, 2009

Look At Me!

On Tuesday Heidi will be 3 months old. I can't believe she is already three months. She just now is starting to sleep through the night. Well she has the last 3 nights we will see if it continues. I know it's been awhile seen I've blogged up I am just now really starting to feel better. Kidney stones sure do stink. Well anyways here are a few pics of Heidi. I'm not sure why but she always does this face when I put to camera in her face. She is the smiliest baby until you pull out a camera.
Heidi really loves her Johnny Jumper alot. She doesn't jump yet she just likes to be able to look around I think.

Here is Emily meditating. She thinks she has to do this before she goes to karate on Monday nights. Yes she is a dork.

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Annie said...

Great pics! Emily is a stinker, but an adorable one. Love my little Heidi. Hey, my Johnny Jumper is better, it has the tray and I think it works better so if you want it- it's yours. :)