Sunday, October 4, 2009

Before And After.

While Bert and I were headed to Stillwater to have Heidi, my wonderful inlaws gave us the best baby gift ever. They gave us a flower bed. I guess we already had to flower bed they just put stuff in it. It was great because I didn't have to do it. Awhile back Bert and I had cleaned the flower bed out but never put anything in it, well over time weeds began to grow and over take the poor thing. I wish I had a picture of the weeds but I don't. Here are a few pictures of before (when Bert and I cleaned it out and after, when Chuck and Wathina planted stuff.) There are also a few pictures of Heidi at the bottom to hold over my family. A before picture. There's nothing there.
After: a beautiful flower bed just the way I would want it. What a great thing to come home to. It was a great surprise.

My mother actually spoiled to surprise. When I talked to her on the phone Tuesday morning she said something like "Your flower bed looks great" I though she was being sarcastic because of the weeds.

Here is little Heidi. Yes, she is still pretty little, but is up to 8 lbs now so she is going to plump up fast.


Annie said...

Awww... you need to post everyday!! She is growing up so fast. She still looks exactly like Bert. :) Oh, your flower bed looks good too!

The Garvie Family said...

Annie is everyday!! She is growing - growing to look even more like her daddy. Such a cute baby! I'm jealous you got your flower beds done. I hate yard work but LOVE pretty flowers. That is such a great gift!

Becky said...

Chuck and Wathina did a great job!