Wednesday, June 3, 2009

7 Going on 16.

Okay let me tell you a little story about Emily. Now that she is 7 she has been bathing herself everynight (note to self not a great idea). The other night Emily comes walking in after her bath telling me that she cut her thumb on my razor. She told me she was just looking at it. I proceeded to tell her that razors are not toys and we don't touch or play with them. Emily was like okay mom I won't touch one again. Then I thought our conversion was over, but no about 45 minutes later I was sitting on the couch with Emily and I think to myself, man Emily's legs sure look sooth. So I ponder on that just a minute then I clicks. Yes, that's right my 7 year old daughter shaved her legs and arms. So now I'm getting on the Emily telling her she isn't old enough to do that and if she does it again she will be in big trouble. I get no help from my husband he thinks I should let her shave her legs if she wants to deal with it. I'm sorry but some man just know nothing. The really sad thing is she did a really good job at shaving. I think she did better than I do.

Sorry about the long story, but here are a few pictures I found on my camra today. I think someone was playing with it.

Hope you have a great rest of the week.


Leslie said...

Aw, your Emily sounds an awful lot like my Payton. And what is with the arm shaving? That is something that must have come along recently, I just don't get why anyone would want another body part to shave on a regular basis.

Thanks for sharing btw, cute story and pics!

Annie said...

Too funny! Tell Emily to wait as long as possible to start shaving, because once you start it NEVER ends!!!

The Slaydens said...

that is super funny...she has no idea what she has started! my dad showed me how to shave my legs because my mom wouldn't let for a while i shaved them top to bottom, like men shave their! hope the hari doesn't grow back funny on her little arms.

denise said...

Paula first shaved one of her legs around the same age. That's right - one leg. My mom figured it out when she went to use her brand new razor and realized someone else had used it. I will never forget the look on mom's face when she realized it was Paula who used her razor. Our parents still give her a hard time about that!

Mandi said...

Ha, that is such a funny story! I started shaving my legs "secretly" because my mom wouldn't let me either but I was a little older ;0) That she included her arms just cracks me up!! She's too cute!