Monday, May 11, 2009

Emily's Day!

Well May 3rd was Emily's birthday, dance recital and Awana's program at church. It was a busy day for everyone. Max insisted on going to the dance recital, because Emily asked him to. Seriously how sweet is that. When his mother tried to get him to stay home with his father he just kept saying "But mom Emily wants me there". Max sure is a good boy. Anyways here are a few pics of her in her dance costumes, and a few from the recital.
Doesn't she look happy.

Emily didn't have a partner in this part so she looks a little funny. I tried to get her to curtsy or something, but she kept telling me this is what Miss Brenda wanted her to do.


Dawn said...

love the purple dress!

Hilary said...

That was a big day for Em- and that is too sweet of Max!

Sam said...

you go girl!!!