Sunday, June 21, 2009

Jonas Brothers!!!

This weekend Emily had the privilege to go to Dallas with a friend and see the Jonas Brothers in concert. She had the best time. Not only did she get to see the Jonas brothers, she also got to see Miley Cyrus sing a few songs. I do believe she thinks this was the best day of her whole life. The ironic part is that the day we received the phone call Emily had already asked me if I would take her to a Jonas Brothers concert someday, and I proceed to tell her, " I don't know but maybe." Then literally 4 hours later Kim called to see if Emily could go with them. It was just meant to be. Well, here are a few pictures of Emily's loot she got at the concert.
Ms. Em with her Jonas t-shirt, a Jonas pass of some sort, a Jonas light, and her concert ticket.
I want to tell Kim Long and her mother Paula for taking Emily along - Thank You so much!

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