Monday, June 2, 2008

My Sweet Little Angel!

The other night I went to watch a good friend of mine and his band play for the youth group at church. His name is Denver Duncan and he is amazing. Den told me in August he would be coming out with his own CD. I can't wait because he is so good. Anyway, Emily stayed home with Bert and when I got home that night there was this note with the flowers sitting on the bar. The note says "Mom I love you you're so kind love Emily," at the bottom it says to mom. Poor Bert, he had to spell out all the words for Em. Bert said this was the short version. She wanted to say a lot more. Emily is the joy in my life, I love her so much.
A few days later the flowers started to die and Emily got really mad, she just didn't understand why they would die.


Tisha said...

I can't wait for bree to think of things like that to do for me. I just hope scott is a patient as Bert when it comes to helping out with the spelling!!!

Kara said...

So cute...I hear Bert on the patience, it took Caden almost 30 minutes to write Happy Birthday to my sister...AAAAAHHHHHH

Leslie said...

So very sweet!