Thursday, December 31, 2009

Em's New Do!

Emily and I were talking the other day about getting our hair cut. At first she was just wanted to get her hair trimmed. But by the time we got there she had decided to get it cut short. And I think it is adorable. Emily likes it because it is much easier to brush. Also the other night Emily wrote a song this is how it goes: Emily's version-
It's Just Like Home
O, tis just like home but
without a family it's just
a place that I feel sad it's
a place that I really no
about it's a place I can do wut every I want
and that place is home.
She did pretty good with the spelling but a few things are wrong. I thought it was pretty cute.
Emily's new hair cut.
Emily went skiing over Christmas with her dad and his family so when she got home the evening of the 26th she got to open what Santa had left her.

She also jot to open the gifts Pa and Mimi got her.

Her is my sweet little angle on her first Christmas.

Mom and Dad's house is always so crazy but I wouldn't want it any other way. I hope everyone has a Happy New Year.


Dawn said...

Yay! A budding songwriter! Her hair is really cute. Those baby seats crack me up because the baby always kind of looks stuffed in there!

Mandy said...

I love Emily's new do!

Annie said...

Emily's hair looks precious. Lily really wants to cut hers, but I just love her long locks, I wonder how long I'll be able to fight her off.

Sam said...

Cute hairdo! Merry Christmas!