Sunday, January 11, 2009

Christmas Pic, Finally!

I know I am way late, but at least I still got them on here. We always have such a good time during the holidays. I just love being with family, and our family just keeps growing and growing. The first picture is our funny faces we do every year that goes on our funny face calender every year. If you will notice the Max is showing his bottom in both the funny face one and the normal face picture (his momma wasn't to happy about that one). I just put some pictures for everyone the enjoy. I hope everyone has a great year. Josh is my favorite in this picture, it just makes me laugh so hard.

All the kids were so excited for all the presents they got. They really liked the pinchers that Mimi and Pa got them. I'm not really sure who liked them more, the kids or their fathers.

Ryder just really loved Emily while he was here, which is funny because he normally doesn't like anyone but his momma and daddy.


Annie said...

Great pics!!! I love the funny face photo of the family!

Leslie said...

Love the photos, espeically the funny face one!!

Jillian said...

I love the funny family pics that you guys take! What a great tradition!