Monday, August 11, 2008

Fun Filled Weekend!

Awhile back we got the chance to spend a few days in Owasso, visiting Annie and Katie's families. We always have such a great time, and the kids just really love spending time together. Here are some pictures of our stay in Owasso. The kids just love the slip n slide in Aunt Kay Kay's back yard. Cooper really makes me laugh. I'm telling you he can do anything the big kids can do. I can't believe he is getting so big.
Looks like a good slide. Maybe he'll be a baseball player some day.
Sammy boy is so funny. Always making goofy faces.
I guess Sam got a little thirsty. He kept trying to drink the water.
The kids thought the were pretty cool coming up with this way to slide.
Here Emily and Ella are playing in Ella's dress up clothes. Lets keep in mind that these are Ella's and Emily is some what bigger than Ella so most of the dresses wouldn't even close in the back.

One day was decided to take the kids to the splash pad due to the heat. They all had a pretty good time. Well most of them did Annie's poor children won't play because of the other strange children around. Notice the picture of Coop looking so sad. His mama was mad at him for not playing.
Nothing stopped Emily.
Ryder enjoyed the slash pad as well. Look at his shade isn't he so cute.
I guess he didn't look the concrete on his knees.
It was another successful trip to Owasso. Can't wait until we do it again.


Hilary said...

Looks like another great time! Did the kids enjoy that slip & slide as much as the redneck version?.... Sounds like Emily did a really good job at the dentist on your last post. What a big girl.

Becky said...

I'm so glad you posted again! And I get to go to Owasso again this weekend :D

The Combs Clan said...

Love the princess pictures of Emily!