Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Few Weeks. Ago.....

okay maybe more like a month ago. Our Sunday school class got together with our children at our place a just kind of hung out. We ate a little of course and the kids, plus Bert, went swimming in the pond. Then we shot of a few fire works later that evening. All in all we really did of a good time. Here are all the parents sitting back and just relaxing.
Poor Cory had to sit and water the Red Neck slip n slide so the kids won't stick to it going into the water.
Here are some pictures of the Red Neck slip n slide.

Here is Sammy just swimming around.
The paddle boat was also a big success.
And here are the sweet babies that didn't get to get into the water. Aren't they just little dolls.


Dawn said...

that is so sweet of Bert to sacrifice and spend his time in the water making sure the kids don't drown!

Brandy Lee said...

Its about time lady! I have been wondering when you were going to post those pics. Thanks for the good time. your place is beautiful and Tyrel loved Bert's toys.