Sunday, June 27, 2010

I'm Getting So Big!

Heidi is getting so big it makes me sad. She is really turning into a little stinker. She is into everything, and I mean everything. This little girl is on the go all the time. She just roams all over the house by herself (not like her big sister who wouldn't leave your side when she was a baby). I have a feeling she might be a climber. Where she is climbing on the sofa table. She just loves to clear everything over and climb on. She can't quite stand up but she was going to give it a try.
Mandy and I took her boys and Heidi to the water park a few weeks ago. This was Heidi's first time in the pool. Once she got used to the water she was loving it.

Isn't she the cutest Bathing Beauty?

Look at what I can do know. I can stand all by myself.

It won't be long before she starts walking (tear). I guess it's time to start thinking about another one :)

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Dawn said...

Darn she's cute!