Monday, March 16, 2009

My Main Man!

Yes, I do love my husband, but this post is not about him. It's about I man I love so much but is under the age of 4, and his name is Cooper Glenn Harrel. Let me let you something, this little man loves me too. Of all me nephews this one loves he's aunt Sally. I know my all my nephew love me, but the other ones are either to old to show me or to young to care, but Coop he is his aunt Sally's boy. He just lightens my day. He gets pretty excited to see me, and I do the same with him. Here are a few pics of this handsome little devil that stills my heart.

He loves for his aunt Sally to wrestle with him, and I love to play. Cooper I miss you and all the other Owasso bunch can't wait 'til I get to see you again. Love you bunches.

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Annie said...

What a sweet post! It's true Coop does have a special place in his heart for his Aunt Sally. If I ask Coop if he is Mama's boy he'll say "Yes, and Mimi and Aunt Sally's too!" ;)