Monday, October 13, 2008

And She Loses Another One!

This past weekend we went to Owasso for my nephew Ryder's 1st birthday party. I had been telling Emily for awhile that Pa was going to pull her loose tooth and she was okay with that because she heard pa was a good tooth puller. Well it never worked out that pa was home when we were there, so on the way to Owasso Saturday I told her Aunt Mandy was going to pull it and she seemed okay with it. Then the time came. I told her to come inside and when I told her what for she began to cry, no not cry scream. She scream through the whole thing and never even knew the tooth was in Aunt Mandy's had almost the whole time. She finally confessed that it didn't hurt at all the only reason she was crying was because she didn't know if it was going to hurt. Here are a few pictures in the first one she was still mad, but the second pic was about 30 seconds later.
It makes me laugh to look at the gap in her mouth. Don't you remember when they are babies and when they get their first teeth it changes their look so much? It's funny that losing their teeth changes their look even more. They just aren't babies anymore :(


Dawn said...

That's Funny! What a drama queen!

Kara said...

I would be screaming too if Aunt Mandy had her hands in my mouth!

J/K - she looks too cute with that gap!

Miss you guys, glad you are back!

Jillian said...

That's funny...reminds me of Ian. He gets pretty dramatic when it comes to things like that. He just lost another tooth and he didn't realize that Dad had already yanked it and was still carrying on.....I sure love their toothless grins though!!

Leslie said...

Those photos are too funny! I love the gap toothed look, very charming!