Saturday, April 26, 2008

Coach Luthi

Today Bert had the privilege in coaching Emily's soccer team, because her coach was out of town for the weekend. Since he played soccer for 12 plus years of his life and some in college he was highly capable. He did a great job with those kids. The kids loved him and I think he really liked it too, because this evening he was talking about maybe coaching Emily's team full time next year. God has truly blessed me with the most wonderful husband on earth. Everyday I just think to myself that I could not love him anymore than I do, but I go to bed at night loving him more and more, and I thank God for putting him in mine and Emily's life. Oh, his a great father too. He's just the total package.
He was so encouraging to the kids. Always tell them they did a great job.
Emily was pretty excited to have "Dad" coach her.
Here are a few pics of Em during the game. She's really getting into it this year.
I just love this picture. Look at that tongue she is really concentrating.


Katie said... "go to bed loving him more and more." Don't worry that will change you guys are still newlyweds!! Just jokin!! Bert really is such a great guy!!

The Garvie Family said...

It sounds like Bert is a great guy!! You and Emily deserve a wonderful man in your lives!! Maybe he can come to Edmond and help Kam with her soccer...Ryan and I know nothing. She is teaching us as she learns.

Billie said...

Bert is a great guy! I am so happy for you, Sally, you and Emily deserve him and he is lucky to have you guys!! Is she really calling him "dad"? I hope I find someone one day that will do all this fun stuff with Blayre...all in God's time, right!?!?!

Kara said...

God truly has blessed you both! I love it!

Annie said...

WOW! Emily is quite the little soccer player. The last picture is my favorite, I just love her little form! We love Bert and we're so glad you guys have one another!!!