Friday, April 18, 2008

On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!

In Emily's Awana's group all the kids got to decorate a car to race at our church last Wednesday night. Emily thought this was awesome, and we had to paint her car the night she came home with it. Bert was pretty excited for this also. So, while I was at my night class, Bert and Emily went to buy paint for Em's car. If anyone knows Emily they would know that she would pick blue of course. But, it couldn't just be blue so Emily and her Mimi painted the car as a horse head, the flames has it's mane. Well, anyway, here are a few pictures from this adventure.

Bert and Emily painting the car blue. Bert really wanted to do something to the wheels to make it go faster but he didn't get to.
Here is Emily getting ready to race her car for the first time. She actually won her first heat, but lost in the second one. Bert was really mad at this point that he didn't put oil on the wheels.

Here is Emily posing with her car. She is quite the little poser.
And this is what Max and Sam did the whole time during the races. They are shaking their "booties" for some reason.
This little man is Carter Andrew Reid, whose mother is a good friend of mine. Emily loves this little boy and wants us the adopt him, she just doesn't understand why we can't.


Annie said...

WOW! Sally this is your fourth post in just one week, impressive!! You are going to put us all to shame. I love reading about little miss Emily's adventures. Her car looks great! I didn't let Lily do a car this year, or really I didn't encourage her to do one because I knew she wouldn't get up infront of everyone when they raced them. She didn't care, maybe next year she'll want to participate.

Katie said...

I too am impressed with the posting keep it up! Ella will get to do this next year. Maybe Bert can help her out. I'll let him grease the wheels and everything. We like to win!

Kara said...

Love the cute pics...what were max and sam doing? Also caden is a little jealous! Seriously come get Carter whenever you want!

Hilary said...

Great posts! Emily is so cute and quite the poser! Looks like she had a great time. Love the "booty shake" picture.